Corporate Social Responsibility

MyTeeVibe is supporting the Emoto Peace Project in Japan. In 2005, Dr. Emoto first announced at the United Nations Headquarters in New York that he would distribute 650 million children’s books. The book “The Message from Water” has been translated into 34 languages and its intention is to teach children the valuable lessons of love and gratitude. We want future generations to know the importance of living in harmony and in alignment with nature and all living beings, to make the world a more peaceful place.

Dr. Emoto traveled all around the world and held more than 1,000 lectures and created a mass awakening in humanity. He was considered one of the world’s most spiritual people before he passed away in October of 2014 and this work was his life’s mission. Ms. Michiko Hayashi is now carrying on this work as the Global Director

For every product purchased, MyTeeVibe will donate SEK 10 (USD 1) to the non-profit organization Emoto Peace Project. Also, you will receive a complimentary link to download the children’s book.

Watch the video to get more insight on the “Secret of Water”