We at MyTeeVibe take responsibility in society, both regarding people and the environment. When choosing materials for our products we are striving to contribute in ways where working conditions in production countries are improved, transport and logistics are streamlined, and natural materials are used.

The goal is to reduce our negative impact and maximize our positive effect. Therefore, we work actively to integrate sustainability in all that we do.

Our conditions and ambitions are:

All our material must be renewable or recyclable and responsibly recycled.

We use FSC-certified paper and cardboard in all gift packaging.

We cooperate with partners with corporate social responsibility guidelines.

We strive to use delivery partners that have a sustainability profile.

The printing on our products ensures eco-friendly prints

We are only working with partners that can guarantee that our products are not manufactured using child labour and come from conflict free countries.

The organic cotton material comes from non-genetically modified cotton plants that have been cultivated without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides, aside from the ones allowed by the Certified Organic-labeling.

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)

The Fair Wear Foundation is a non-profit, international organization that belongs to non-governmental initiatives, unions and business associations. The goal is to improve working conditions in the textile and clothing industry. At the forefront are social aspects. Ecological interests are ensured in combination with other certificates.

The criteria of the FWF working guidelines include:

  • Free choice of work, no forced labor
  • Payment of living wages
  • Reasonable working hours
  • Safe and health-friendly working conditions
  • Legally binding employment contracts
  • No child labor
  • Right to freedom of association 

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

GOTS is currently the most widely used eco-seal for textiles with high standards internationally. It is aimed at the entire production chain from the cultivation of fiber plants to the final product and is only sold for textiles with at least 70% biologically grown natural fibers. The higher grade "GOTS Bio" must consist of at least 95% biologically grown fibers. The use of synthetic sewing yarns with casing made of natural material is permitted in the interest of longevity. In the social field, compliance with the minimum criteria of the International Labor Organization ILO is mandatory.

The production criteria include:

  • Clear separation and labeling of biologically grown fibers from conventional in all stages of processing
  • Prohibition of toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, azo dyes, genetically modified organisms and their enzymes
  • No chlorine bleach
  • No accessories with PVC, nickel or chrome
  • Waste minimization, controlled wastewater treatment
  • The certification is checked annually. The criteria are constantly evolving, version 6.0 currently applies.

Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral works to eliminate global carbon emissions by getting brands to measure, offset, and reduce the carbon they emit. They say, “We believe consumers and brands must work together to drive the world toward the zero net emissions future that science tells us we urgently need.”

  • Climate Neutral built a simple set of tools and a certification that makes carbon footprinting more accessible, sets clear guidelines for carbon offsetting, and inspires brands to work on reducing emissions directly. 
  • When a brand gets certified, it achieves zero net carbon emissions for all of the carbon it creates while making and delivering its products or services for a year. The Climate Neutral Certified label makes it easy for consumers to find certified brands. 
  • Envision a world where all consumers have the ability to choose brands that take responsibility for their carbon emissions, and all brands have the tools to do so.

PETA certification

The organic cotton textiles used by MyTeeVibe are also certified by PETA. This means that no animal trials of ingredients or finished products have been carried out or commissioned for this purpose. In addition, the clothing is made of 100% vegan materials, so you can rely on no suffering during its manufacture.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (Textile Trust)

With the Oeko-Tex 100 seal, the end products are examined for the content of pollutants. Oeko-Tex is the world's most famous and independent label for textiles that have been tested for harmful chemicals. Oeko-Tex takes into  account both regulated substances such as azo dyes, formaldehyde and nickel, as well as chemicals not yet regulated by law. For MyTeeVibe a large selection of our T-shirts are marked with Oeko-Tex as a result of our high-priority chemical work.

(The water-based and vegan sieve inks used by MyTeeVibe, which are produced in the EU, have the Oeko-Tex 100 seal. In addition, we have been using printing inks with a GOTS certificate. The description of the respective product indicates whether it is vegan or GOTS-certified)

The Tie-Dye process is safe, the dyes have been tested for their environmental impact. The dye dilutes in the water to a safe level (for humans and animals) and can be dealt with effectively in the sewage system. If you know you have sensitive skin, wash your garment before you use it the first time.